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CCTV Systems for Home & Commercial use


Our CCTV systems cater for both the home user and the commercial client. There has been much advancement in the area of CCTV over the past number of years. Whilst systems have become more affordable in recent times the old adage ‘you get what you pay’ for still applies. The most notable development in the industry in the last few years is the introduction of IP camera systems.

More and more, cameras are now being used not just as a tool to monitor events from a security aspect but also as a valuable aid to monitor staff practices in the workplace from a health and safety point of view. Incidences of careless or reckless procedures carried out by staff can now be managed and recorded for future reference should the need arise.

All of our CCTV systems come with use of a free smartphone app which allows the user to access images from anywhere via their smartphone.

Multec hold a PSA licence and are certified alarm & CCTV installers offering only the best quality service for its customers. All of our alarms are fitted to the EN 50131-1 standard and each alarm system is issued with an ‘NSAI Completion Certificate’, guaranteeing a professional and reliable service.

The quality of the IP System is far superior to that of the traditional standard systems. (Type the following link into your web browser to see a side by side comparison of both systems.

In the Ideal world IP would be used everywhere but there is not always the need or the budget to justify the increased cost which accrues.

Click on the viewing resolution to see the true difference