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Secure Comm

Cloud-based Alarm Monitoring


Secure Comm is a new cloud-based service which allows the customer to monitor the alarm using a Smartphone app.

The system can be set and unset remotely via the app and activations are sent to the customer’s phone(s) directly. It will also send you a text if the alarm activates telling you what area set it off.

You don’t necessarily have to have a smart phone as the system will send a text message to one, two or three mobile numbers. The text will tell you, time date, and what area/zone set off the alarm.

If you receive a notification saying your back door has activated the alarm you can unset the alarm remotely and reset it. If, however, an internal infra-red is activated after this you can be sure that it is not a false alarm.

The system is checked periodically by the server to protect against GSM blockers. The unit comes with a world sim card which will always look for the best GSM network available. There is a minimum 2-year contract for new connections.

The alternative option of connecting to a monitoring station is also included in the quote. The monitoring cost €200 per year and offers great peace of mind that the alarm will be responded to at all times without being reliant on neighbours best.It does require keyholders to be available unlike the secure comm option.